Special Projects
Creative Video of Washington, Inc.


This page is for regular freelancers on the Creative Video roster.




All freelancers working for Creative Video MUST read these documents and check periodically for updates.


Read this if you are considering (or have started) a freelance career and have questions.

Billing Information

Please invoice Creative Video the approved rate. Invoices must include the following information:

*If there are any extra expenses on the job please contact your crew chief immediately following the assignment. These costs are passed on to the client and need to be included on their invoice. If we don't get this information within two days of the job then Creative Video will not reimburse you and you can not bill for overtime. Please itemize your invoice.

Please send invoices immediately following job to:

Creative Video of Washington

1410 Spring Hill Road
Suite 100
McLean, VA 22102-3034



You can group multiple jobs on one invoice provided you give us complete, detailed information that includes all the items listed above.

You may receive one check for both services and expenses. Your 1099 will reflect only your pay totals and will not include your expense reimbursements.

Creative Video will not pay any invoice that is sent more than 12 months after a job. Our fiscal year ends September 30. Please send us all invoices for past work before that date.

Creative Video intends to pay all crew invoices 30 days following receipt of invoice. You are welcome to contact the office to confirm receipt but please don't ask to be paid any sooner than one month. At rare times we experience a temporary cash-flow problem and will have to delay payment on invoices, including those from freelancers. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these tight times. Please know that we will get all past invoices paid as soon as possible. Unlike many other companies, we do not wait to be paid by our client before we pay you.


Communication is critical in our business. If you want to stay on the Creative Video freelance roster you must respond to our inquires as soon as possible. Many of our communications are sent via e-mail. If you don't have an e-mail address that you check -- and respond to -- daily then you will not receive any assignments from Creative Video.

Please let us know the fastest way to reach you. We recommend you have a mobile phone. If any info has changed please keep us up to date.



If you decide to throw in the towel and get a "real" job you can start by looking here.

Searches The Washington Post (and other papers nationwide) Sunday help wanted section.

Broadcast Employment Services
One of the most comprehensive television jobs databases I've seen. Fee based.

Shop Talk
Has mostly TV newsroom job openings from around the country.

B-roll Online
News stations looking for staff photographers.

Professional Associations

National Press Photographers Association for still and TV news photographers.

Radio Television News Directors Association.

Society of Professional Journalists is a national organization of 13,500 journalists dedicated to encouraging the free practice of journalism; stimulating high standards of ethical behavior (see code of ethics); and perpetuating a free press.

The Reporter's Committee for Freedom of the Press
A nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free legal help to journalists and news organizations since 1970.

US House Radio/TV Correspondent's Gallery
Guidelines for TV coverage on the Hill.

Industry Publications/Links

B-Roll Online
Television news photography web site primarily for ENG news shooters. Lots of hints, tips, employment, and safety resources.

TV Net
Consumer television resources. Look in "TV Biz" section for some resources.

Women in Film and Television. A very active Washington DC production community. Excellent forum. Membership required.

TV News Photography Website
TV photog job listings updated constantly. Tips and tricks of the trade. Discussions of important issues in the industry. TV shooting formats. Salary surveys. Stories and photos from the streets.

Shop Talk
Site where you can subscribe to a daily e-mail newsletter (listserve) similar to Carmody's column in The Washington Post.

News Blues
Gripes from staff in TV newsrooms around the country including our market. Now requires $ subscription.

Mandy's Film & TV directory
Mostly film resources but some links to TV people and companies.

PrePros: Production Webring
Site dedicated to film and television production and preproduction. They have a good reading list.

Directory of television resources. Caution: the entire directory is downloaded to view even one entry.

Photographer's Lounge
A place to hang out and trade "war stories" between shoots.

Electronic Media
On-line version of the weekly trade magazine.

Print magazine for professional and amateur videographers. Has some tips & techniques that you may already know or might be able to use.
Professional Motion Picture Camera People & Resources

American Cinematographer
Official publication of the American Society of Cinematographers.

Local production magazine.

The Producer Page
A monthly on-line newsletter intended for news producers to gripe and share tips.

Wright Patman Congressional Federal Credit Union
If you have Hill credentials you qualify for membership. Good rates on loans and savings accounts.


Radio Shack
Help! Where can I get a BNC to RCA to XLR to 1/4" to mini adaptor right now? Enter a zip code and it'll return the five closest stores.

If you don't need that adaptor right away you can order nearly everything you could possibly need here.

The Photographer's Right - A Downloadable Flyer
Your Rights When You Are Stopped or Confronted for Photography.

Ohm's Law
Calculator to determine watts or amps of a unit or array of equipment.

Sun times
When is "Golden Hour?" This should give you sunrise and sunset times for today in Washington, DC. Other cities/dates.

Online Conversion Calculator
Remember when the metric system will be adopted in the US by the 1980s? Well, we're still waiting. So until that happens you can go here to change units from one standard to another.

Projector Lens Calculator
Use this handy online calculator to determine throw, screen, or lens for video projectors. The current model at CVW is the Christie Roadrunner LX65.

World Video Standards
Does Djibouti broadcast in NTSC, PAL, or SECAM? Find out the broadcast standard and electrical voltage of nearly any country.

ENG Travel Guide
Tips for international travel with television gear.


National Weather Service
Direct from the official source.

WeatherNet 4
What's the weather going to be for tomorrow's shoot? Channel 4's site is the best around.


Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. We work in dangerous situations everyday. Learn how to protect yourself and others.

Thunderstorms and lightning


ENG Safety
Manual from WAGA-TV, Atlanta

Hazardous Materials Safety
What's oozing out of that tanker? If you shoot spot news it's good to know.

First Aid & CPR
Take a class from the American Red Cross and be ready to help if an emergency arises. Here are area Red Cross Chapters:


Rail and bus schedules. Use the excellent trip planner.

A reliable and quite accurate map service and route planner.

"Show up on time." The first rule to freelancing. Check this to see if you need to go another way.

Just for Fun!

IFB Test Phone Numbers
Continuous recorded messages that you can use when testing IFB systems.

DCA ATIS: 703-419-3917
Washington National Airport Automated Terminal Information Service. Recorded briefing for pilots updated regularly. Computer generated voice that's a little low.

US Naval Observatory Master Clock: 202-762-1401
Continuous announcement of the current time in both local and GMT. Good to set time code too since this comes from the extremely accurate atomic clock.

Time: 202-844-1212

Weather: 202-936-1212

The TV News Drinking Game
Fun and games at the expense of newscasters.

Bad Air Day
Here's how talent reacts to a technical glitch in an automated newscast.

Periodic Chart of the Elements
All the elements necessary for a television production.

TV Dork artwork
This stained glass artwrok hangs in my home office. It's 12" x 9". Reviewers say it's cool and it makes me a real TV geek. Contact me if you want one.